Door Alarms

Your Reliable Security Guard for Safety of Your Home and Kids

Door alarms

We want to tell you about the door alarms, because factor of own safety in consideration of the violence and danger in modern world becomes very important for all of us. Such a safe feeling and comfort always gave us our house in which every man feels himself the master of any dangerous situation. However, it is not always possible to save your home from intrusion and robbery. The regular sense of insecurity causes stress and fear for loved ones. Fortunately, today situation has changed and thanks to the modern technologies you can turn your home into a real impregnable fortress. First of all we need to establish a good door with strong secure lock, after that connect a door alarm. In this way we will make a first step to the maximum protection of your own fortress.

Door AlarmMost important security areas of your house or any other premises are doors and windows, because in the thefts from premises in most cases have been cracked doors for entry and easing of material assets stealing. Even a presence of strong metal door does not guarantee defence from the penetrations. Therefore, we offer you a simple, reliable and inexpensive way to protect themselves from intrusion on your private ownership - wireless door alarms. Last times they are in a great demand, especially for people who live in suburban homes or cottages. Because when you go away for a long time it is very important to be sure, that with your home and property nothing will happen. Modern models are equipped not only with motion sensors, but also by special sensors for fires detecting, power outage, changing weather conditions, leakage of water in bathroom or household gas in kitchen. Also they allow you to customize your own warning alarm in any suitable way. For example, just turn on a siren to scare off the thieves and attract attention, or set an automatic call to police station, or even send SMS notification on your mobile phone.

Principle of wireless alarm system is very simple: as soon as a door is opened, an alarm is triggered. This variant is very practical and reliable. As for size, door alarm is a compact device, consisting of two parts: one part is attached to the door and second one to the frame of the door. When the door opens these two parts are disconnected from each other and you hear a quite loud signal. This device can be applied not only to the entry door, as well as on the windows, cabinets or even on the refrigerator door, in order to protect their contents from invasion of your pets or kids. Standard features of door alarms usually include 2 parts of device, batteries and user manual. Be sure to check the complete package and the presence of the warranty card.

Door Alarm - Your Wireless Security Guard

Advantages of door alarms

- All modern alarms are working on wireless remote control principle. It makes possible not to lay cables. So it is a great aesthetic and practical advantage for your door and room.

- Full safety guarantee for human health. This wireless technology is used worldwide for doors protection, even in hospitals.

- All door alarm systems are very convenient and easy. So you do not need any special knowledge to use them.

- Alarm works instantly and without delay, when someone tries to open the door or break the lock.

- You don't need always turn on/off this security system, because she works constantly without any problems, even when you're at home.

- Designers of door alarms take care about the false signals. So, if you hear an alarm, then you can be sure, that someone is trying to open the door.

- Many models of security systems provide a microphone or camera, which allows you to check the room after the door was opened. Thus, you can follow any responses to understand what could happen with this door and take the appropriately decision what to do.